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What We Do

Our activities include:


  • Construction of two-bedroom family homes
  • Construction of toilets and water tanks
  • Construction of emergency housing for disaster relief work.
  • Road maintenance


  • Infant daycare centre
  • Preschool education
  • Remedial education programs
  • Homework supervision
  • Educational assistance
  • Full boarding facilities for primary and secondary school students


  • Hostel accommodation
  • Accommodation for handicapped and challenged.
  • Accommodation for senior citizens

Family and Health Services

  • Family counselling
  • Community education, e.g. health and nutrition, AIDS awareness, budgeting, and community planning


  • Encouragement of micro-enterprise development, such as small retail outlets, canteens, clothing sales, tailoring, honey production and community fishing projects
  • Trade school for young people
  • Furniture making, plumbing and concrete workshops


  • environmental action, such as grass cutting and the removal of litter


  • Establishment of family and community gardens
  • Establishment of a plant and seedling nursery
  • Assistance with land preparation and establishment of commercial gardens

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