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The Penione family

With the death of Tui Na Kelo Penione's father, the local village started to put pressure on the family to move out of what was basically a lean-to against the Community Hall. Since then, the family - father, Tui Na Kelo, mother, Marie Savaira and children, Osea (14), Viliame (11), Michael (8), Suraki (4) and Moape (1.3) - has lived in shared accommodation.

The Penione family is a long-term contributor to the TGNI community farm, providing approximately 2000 'sweat equity' hours.

With the help of the family and the village community, the cement slab of their new home has been laid. Also, the sale of two cows will go a long way to help pay for the family's new house.

A big thank you to Eva Reed and family for providing the machinery to make the steel house frame, the Christian Ministry MMM Australia, who made the steel frames and Noel Taylor, MMM’s Special Projects Manager, who manged the project.

The new house will restore dignity and provide security for a family currently living in sub-standard conditions.



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