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Current Programs

Affordable Housing

TGNI provides some of the most needy families in Fiji with affordable housing. Most houses consist of 2 or 3 bedrooms.


Personal Banking

TGNI members starting a small business can join our personal banking program.

Micro-enterprise development

TGNI provides encouragement, hands-on help and financial monitoring services to assist small businesses.


Fishing boats are provided for communities to be able to supplement their diet with fresh fish. This also enables them to go out further for a better catch which can help to supplement their income.



A centre to teach young people to plant crops for a livelihood.

Animal Husbandry

Small scale pig farming and a goat breeding program.

Camp sites

  • Nacaralevu camp grounds
  • Wainivula camp grounds


The Good Neighbour Challenge

A program to assist youth to work diligently and work out of their problems. (A lot of self discipline is required.)

New Beginnings

A program for couples and families who would like to change their lifestyle to one where they are able to meet their needs.

Welfare to Work Initiative

A program that assists individuals to get off welfare or assists them to be self employed.

Trainer of Trainers

A group of Senior Citizens who volunteer their time to pass on skills and share their experiences with younger people who are hungry to learn.

The Workshop

A training centre to pass on trade skills in joinery, furniture construction, woodwork, metalwork, plumbing and construction.

The Learning Centre (education)

Some of the services the Learning Centre provides to the community are:

  • helping young people build confidence
  • supervision of Early Intervention centres
  • remedial classes for children
  • assistance with school fees and school books
  • community support during public holidays and school holidays.


Young Men’s Hostel

Accommodation for young men, who have come in to the city from their respective villages.

Young Women’s Hostel

A secure home away from home for young women.

Destiny Home

A Home for abused mothers and their children. A place of peace and rest while the mother gets her thoughts together about planning for the future.

The Baby Centre

A centre where children (babies to toddlers) are taken care of while their mothers work.

Senior Citizen Accommodation

A self contained flat for a Senior Citizen who is in need.  The space has a lounge, a large bedroom and its own toilet facilities.


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